Does anyone actually read these? I don’t think I do half the time. Well, if you are reading this (which you obviously are), thank you! You’re such a sweet person wanting to know more about me. Or a stalker. But I’m going with the former. Moving on…next to family and friends, my two loves are baking and crafting – more specifically knitting and crochet – which will be the focus of this here blog. Patterns and recipes I’ve tried, how they turn out, and any alterations I’ve made. I also love to garden, but I’m new to it and really don’t have any insight to offer on that score. Fair warning: I’m a nerd, but I will do my best to contain that side of me to my tumblr and pinterest accounts.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. My question for you is on your blue snowflake mesh wreath, how do you keep your loops from coming out? I’ve never seen one done like this before. Im very new at this, im working on my 2nd, 3rd and 4th wreath all at once. My 1st one, i must have taken it apart at least a 50 times trying to make it look right. Since I was teaching myself with books and YouTube, it was trial and error, but I finally figured it out. Like I said, I’ve never seen one made like this before and was just wondering. Thx a bunch.

    • If you read through the post, I have photos showing how I pulled up loops, from the back of the wreath form through to the front. You will pull through the entire width of the mesh (it’s one foot wide) each time. The stiffness of the mesh will prevent it from slipping back through the spaces of the wreath form. Also, the more loops you pull up, the denser it will be, which will lend additional stability to the loops. Hope this helps.

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