JoJo’s Granny Hexagon Blanket

Hello all! I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty much done with this cold. I mean, I like winter and snow and all, but over 500 straight hours below freezing, many of those below zero, is more than enough for me. But, its just the perfect weather to stay inside and watch netflix (or hockey!) and find something to keep my hands busy and my lap warm.

Lately, my hands have been kept busy with baby blankets. One friend is due the the beginning of July, so I have plenty of time to finish that one up. But my coworker has commissioned one for her sister-in-law who is due any day now. The crib set for baby JoJo is jungle/animal themed, with accents of pink and green and an adorable yellow giraffe. Let me tell you, it is much harder to match pink AND green AND yellow than I thought. Once I finally found shades of each color that went well together, I knew, as soon as I saw the yarn, exactly which pattern I had to use: my granny hexagon baby blanket. It was just perfect.

So for the last 5 days, I’ve been furiously crocheting lovely pastel hexagons. I’m using the same total number of hexagons as my original blanket, just fewer colors and a more ordered arrangement.

Jodi's Hexagaon Blanket 002

14 yellow hexagons, 14 pink hexagons, 11 green full hexagons, and 6 green half hexagons to fill in the edges of the blanket.

Today I start the joining process. Hopefully this blanket will be finished and wrapped around wee JoJo in just a few more days!

Check back soon to see the finished project!

As always, I’d love to hear from you. Questions and comments are more than welcome!


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