Knit Whale Quilt Square

Whew! These last few weeks have been flying by! I haven’t even touched any yarn in 2 weeks! Obviously, last Sunday’s goal of having a quilt square ready to show you by Monday or Tuesday didn’t work out. I ended up spending a good portion of the night researching cabins. A group of friends and I are going to Gatlinburg, TN in the spring! I’m so excited and can’t wait! I have to keep reminding myself that’s its 6 months away. Which means I have to make it through winter first; a winter that some are saying is supposed to be even worse than last year, which was the snowiest winter on record. And with the near-record lows we’ve had the last couple days, I’m not doubting the possibility. Puts me in the mood to make some cozy hats and scarves – maybe some for the little niece and nephew….

Now, on to today’s quilt square. It’s a cute little whale who’s blowing a plume of water into the air.

Knit Whale Quilt Square

For this square, I made the floats even looser, stretching the work before twisting the yarns or switching colors. I have to say, it felt way too loose as I was knitting, but the end result was the best yet. Not a lump or bump in sight!

Knit Whale Quilt Square Back

Here’s the chart if you would like to knit up a whale or two of your own.

Whale Chart 2

As always, I’d love to hear from you! Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a wonderful week!


2 thoughts on “Knit Whale Quilt Square

  1. I hope our state has a horrid winter. Please tell your winter we’re up for the challenge. You are a patient knitter to knit intarsia. I always cringe when I see such a pattern.

    • Haha. I will pass the message along! Don’t get me wrong, I love winter and snow, but last year got to be too much even for me! And the worst part of it all was that we still didn’t get a white Christmas! Pretty much the only week the entire winter when there wasn’t snow on the ground.

      As far as intarsia goes, I will freely admit I am not the best, and big patterns tend to scare me off too. But that’s the nice thing about doing these squares: they’re small (only about 5 inches) and knit up fairly quickly. It’s a great way to practice the technique. Although, for beginners, I would probably recommend using a more traditional fair isle motif that doesn’t have more than 5 to 7 stitches of the same color in a row, that way the floats are shorter and more manageable.

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