Knit Elephant Quilt Square

Hello! Happy Friday!

And it really is a very happy Friday in this family. My big brother is getting MARRIED today! Cue squeals of delight and excitement! (Needless to say, this post was written a bit in advance).

This adorable colorwork elephant design is the third installment in my animal quilt square “series.” I think this little guy may just be my favorite. But then, maybe I’m just partial to elephants.

Elephant Quilt Square

When making this square, I tried using longer, and slightly looser, floats in the hopes of eliminating the lumps that occurred in the previous duckling and frog squares. It seemed to help some, I think (don’t mind the pins, they’re to help with the rolling that occurs naturally with anything stockinette stitch). And since there will be fabric backing to this quilt, the longer floats shouldn’t have any adverse effects on the finished product.

Longer floats can be seen on the reverse.

Longer floats can be seen on the reverse.

I love that these can be used in practically anything. I seriously need to come up with other projects to incorporate these guys. But, this project first. One project at a ti….HA! Who am I kidding? There is a stuffed elephant sitting next to me with one leg, 2 arms, and 2 ears left to go. In other words, he has a head (trunk included), a body, and a leg. Poor little guy.

Anywho, back to the colorwork elephant. Here’s the chart if you’d like to knit up your own little elephant(s). As in the previous two squares, the elephant is centered on a 31×31 field. Also, I think I’ve neglected to mention what size these squares are turning out – roughly 5in x5in.

Elephant Chart 2

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Cheers!


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