“Burlap” Wreath with Red Accents

Hello again! I hope you’ve had a good week.

Fall really must be getting me in the crafting spirit. It’s that or these fall crafts just come together quicker than the blankets I was working on over the summer. But whatever the reason, I have another wreath to share with you today.

Red Burlap Wreath

This time, I decided to go for a little larger wreath. I used an 18-in wire wreath frame, 1 roll of 12-in by 35-ft deco mesh ribbon in a tan/burlap color, tan pipe cleaners, green floral wire, red hydrangea stems, and 3 red berry stems.

The foundation of the wreath is the same as the plum burlap wreath I made, using pipe cleaners to tie down each loop to the frame; the loops were just larger this time. I went around the wreath twice, evenly distributing the loops. The hydrangeas had all come on one big stem, so I just snipped each flower head off close the base, then wired a couple together before wiring them to the frame. I put three bunches of hydrangeas together to make one big mass of flowers.

Initially, I had planned on hanging the wreath from a ribbon as I did with my plum burlap wreath, but I found that it was too big: either the ribbon would have to hang from up near the ceiling or the wreath would hand below eye level – neither of which would look that great. So then I had to brainstorm to figure out what I could do in place of the ribbon so the wreath didn’t look so plain. And then I had it! I had some red berry stems I was going to use in a Christmas wreath last year, but didn’t. I placed each whole stem evenly around the wreath, all pointing counter clockwise, then wired the heck out of them from the back so they didn’t wiggle around.

This wreath turned out even better than I expected! Simple, yet with enough color to not be boring. I also love the fact that this could go from fall into winter and even serve as a non-traditional Christmas wreath.

Red Burlap Wreath

Comment and questions, as always, are welcome! I’d love to hear from you!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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