Chevron Afghan

Ok guys, I finally finished that afghan I mentioned in my last post.  It’s not that it takes terribly long to do, it’s more that in the last few weeks I’ve been doing waaaaaaaaaayyyyyy more reading that anything else (other than working, but then again…maybe even more than working lol).

chevron afghan 002

This afghan started because I had left over yellow from the Granny Hexagon Baby Blanket. I bought more of the yellow because I really liked the shade and thought it would be great for another baby blanket.  Well, that baby blanket evolved into an afghan that would easily cover a twin bed.

chevron afghan 001

I based this blanket off chevron patterns I’ve seen floating around Pinterest, a lot of which are made with single crochet. I like the look of the sc blankets, but I found that when I tried it, it was a bit too dense, a bit rough, and used up more yarn than I would have liked (remember, that yellow yarn is Vanna’s Choice Baby, which I was super bummed to learn was discontinued at my normal yarn supply store. Which meant I started out with a limited amount of yellow yarn I could use. But I’m happy to announce that I found the yarn in stock at a different chain craft store). So, I decided to use half double crochet in my blanket – not quite as loose/hole-y as double crochet, but still soft with a nice drape.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m not the biggest fan of that little gap you get in hdc or dc at the beginning of the row when you “skip” the first stitch of the previous row because your chain 2/3 counts as the first stitch of the new row.  It needs to be done to keep the stitch number the same and keep the edges straight, but sometimes that gap just really irks me.  And after a few rows of this afghan, that gap was really bugging me, so I devised a way around it.

After chaining 2 to start the new row, rather than skipping the first stitch and hdc into the next stitch, I did a decrease into the first and second stitch of the row. By working into both stitches, you eliminate the gap as well as work into the “correct” stitch so that the stitch count isn’t affected and every thing lines up as it should across the row.

Notice the gas in the grey? I started using the decrease in the yellow.

Notice the gaps in the grey? I started using the decrease in the yellow, and voila! No more gaps!

Chevron Afghan Pattern

Size: approximately 50 x 84 in (just over 4ft by 7ft)

7 balls Color A – Vanna’s Choice in Silver Heather (3 oz)
6 balls Color B – Vanna’s Choice Baby in Duckie (3.5 oz)
5 balls Color C – Vanna’s Choice in White (3.5 oz)
Note that the Silver Heather is a smaller skein than the Duckie or White, so an additional ball is needed.  Also, I wanted the same progression of color from the ends, so the center stripe is white, bordered by yellow on each side, thus only 5 balls of the white.

Size US K 10.5/ 6.50mm crochet hook

This pattern is a repeat of 25 + 5*

Special Instructions
Starting with row 2, each row will start with a decrease: insert hook into 1st st from hook, draw up loop, insert hook into 2nd st from hook, draw up loop, yo, draw through all 3 loops on hook.

With Color A
Ch 180
Row 1: hdc into 3rd st from hook, sk 1 ch, *1 hdc in each of next 11 ch, 3 hdc in next ch, 1 hdc in each of next 11 ch, sk 2. Repeat from * 6 more times. At the end of the row, sk 1 ch instead of 2, 1hdc in each of last 2 ch. Ch 2, turn.

Row 2: Decrease across 1st 2 st, sk 1, *1 hdc in each of next 11 st, 3 hdc in next st, 1 hdc in each of next 11 st, sk 2. Repeat from * 6 more times. At the end of the row, sk 1 st instead of 2, 1hdc in next st, 1 hdc into top of chain. Ch 2, turn.

Repeat Row 2 until 8 rows in Color A are completed. Follow color order below, completing 8 rows of each color.

Color Order is as follows:chevron afghan 004
A – Grey
B – Yellow
C – White
A – Grey
B – Yellow
C – White
A – Grey
B – Yellow
C – White
B – Yellow
A – Grey
C – White
B – Yellow
A – Grey
C – White
B – Yellow
A – Grey

I love this afghan! The yellow is so cheery! And its nice and soft and cozy.

As always, I’d love to hear from you! If you make your own, I’d love to see pics of how it turns out).

*Correction (2/28/16): pattern is a repeat of 25 +5, not 25 +6


17 thoughts on “Chevron Afghan

  1. It turned out really nice and looks great! I know what you mean about those holes…don’t like them either, I like Lucy’s pattern over on attic24 , she is at typepad….her neat ripple pattern….perfect! if you want to visit! Sandy

    • Thanks, Kepanie! It really does work up fairly quickly. It’s just with not much of interest on TV recently, getting motivated to put down the books and pick up the crochet has become a tinsy bit difficult lol.

  2. Hey! Just managed to google my way onto your page – and am working on a baby blanket in the same pattern- I’m only a few rows in, but my ripples just seem to be kind of “flat”- do they “perk” up more – the more rows you do? It’s my first ripple blanket- but I like a more dramatic chevron- any suggestions?

    • Hi Sara! The chevron/peaks should be pretty apparent within the first couple rows. If you are holding the blanket up, gravity may be pulling it so that the peaks and valleys are flatter. If you lay it out on a wooden table, there is less friction and the blanket can shape itself naturally. Don’t try to pull or stretch the blanket. The angle between peaks is about 100-110 degrees (a little bigger than a right angle). Make sure that you increase by making 3 hdc into one stitch and decrease by completely skipping 2 stitches. Hope this helps!

  3. Hi! I am doing a smaller version as a baby blanket. So I used the 25+6 calculation and came up with 106 chains. For row 1 I followed your instructions and repeated it 3 more times instead of 6. At the end of the row, I skipped 1 ch instead of 2 and did 1hdc in each of last 2 ch. However I was still left with 1 chain. Please help… not sure how I have this extra chain and what to do with it. Just to see what happens, I left the extra chain as is and did row 2 per your instructions. But I’m short a chain in row 2. So that means that extra chain is important. Please let me know when you have some time. Thanks!!

    • Hi Happy, I apologize for the delay in my response, but I wanted to review the pattern and my calculations, to see what may be causing your problem. The pattern repeat should actually be 25 + 5, I had forgotten to subtract one since you only skip one chain at the end of the last repeat. Which means that by following the pattern as I had written it, you would have ended up with an extra chain at the end (so congrats! you had that right at least!). As far as being one stitch short on the second row, I have 2 guesses as to where that may have cropped up: either the very first stitch of the row, or the very last stitch of the row. When doing the decrease (crochet 2 together) at the beginning of the row, make sure that you are working into the very first stitch rather than skipping it as is normal/correct in hdc or dc. At the end of the row, your last stitch will be into the top of the chain 2 that counts as the first stitch of the previous row. So sorry for any confusion my miscalculations may have caused. I hope this helps, and I love it if you shared a photo of your final blanket! I haven’t tried a chevron baby blanket before.

      • hi cara! thanks for your reply. it makes perfect sense now and I’ve started on the baby blanket. I realized that I was not doing the decrease correctly at the beginning of the second row and so I was short a chain. I was skipping the first stitch. anyways it’s all good now. thanks for taking the time to go through this pattern. I’ll share a photo once I’m done. btw, how do you upload a photo here?

  4. Now that I look at it, I’m realizing that you can’t, which is sad. I suppose if you post a picture somewhere else, you can always comment with a link, but that seems like a lot of work lol. I’m glad you were able to get the pattern to work for you 🙂

  5. It was awesome time making this chevron pattern… I enjoyed the whole journey of making blanket with this pattern… Chose same colours as they were so sober… Just one addition to my blanket was its borders… I gave it floral granny square border… Thanks for the chevron pattern 😘 I wish I could share the pic of my work here…

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  8. Hello! What a wonderful planket! It’s a long time ago since you made it. But I don’t get where to skip the Ch. Maby you remember how you did it.
    You write “At the end of the row, sk 1 ch instead of 2”. Do you mean to skip it in the “Valley”?
    Would be so happy if you could help me as I love this pattern. Thank you!

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