Finished Granny Hexagon Baby Blanket

001 (3)

Hey all, sorry its taken me a little while to show you my finished blanket. I’ve been busy reading outside in the warm sunshine that has finally arrived here in northwest Ohio and watching play-off hockey.  There has also been a little hemming and hawing over the edging.

And some dilly-dallying over weaving in ends…it’s like gardening, I love starting flowers from seeds, planting new flowers and shrubs, even digging out new beds or old monsters of bushes that are over-grown, but those little necessary and tedious things like weeding, I hate and put off as long as humanly possible.

Which is why you should applaud me for spending about 4 hours weeding yesterday afternoon. 4 hours I could very easily have spent reading while soaking up the sun. 4 hours which have left me somewhat sore today. But its a good kind of sore, reminding me that I accomplished something yesterday – just as long as its gone by the time I go to work tomorrow, that is.

But I digress. You want to know about the blanket.  As I said before, I was a bit slow about weaving in the remaining tails – thankfully, I wove in most of the tails other than those at the center of each hexagon as I went. Then I took a few days to decide how I wanted to do the boarder.

I started off with a round of sc in white along the edge of the blanket (this on top of the sc that was already around each hexagon from the joining), which essentially gave me 2 rounds of sc edging.  These 2 rounds were roughly the same width as the join between the hexagons, and looked nice. I could have left off right there and been fine.

But I ended up deciding that I wanted a wider boarder with a bit more visual interest. Rather than using an intricate stitch with the white yarn, I drew inspiration from some boarders I’ve seen on Pinterest. I did a round of sc in the medium shade of pink that I used for some of the hexagons, followed by another round of sc in white, with increases in the peaks/corners and decreases in the valleys as you would do in a chevron pattern.

002 (3)

I love the way the boarder turned out!  I love the way the whole blanket turned out! Pretty great looking considering I bought the yarn with no idea what I was going to use it for.

003 (3)

Can’t wait until the new babies in the family get to use it!

And speaking of babies: Happy Mother’s Day to all you mommies out there!


8 thoughts on “Finished Granny Hexagon Baby Blanket

  1. This is a terrific end result. I know we can sometimes drag our feet with finishing tasks but once you hunker down to it, the self-satisfaction is wonderful.

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