Granny Hexagon Baby Blanket

Hey all, this is my first post here on my wordpress blog, so I thought I’d start off simply by showing you my current project. If you haven’t figured it out all ready, I love yarn. I routinely purchase yarn solely because it is on sale and too good a deal to pass up. Such was the case with this project.

Granny Hex In Progress

I was actually on a mission to buy yarn for a Stealers baby blanket a coworker of mine commissioned for her sister. (Baby was born a week ago, and doing fine. They actually used an elephant I knit with a scarf to match the blanket in his photo shoot – because apparently the hospitals do that now. As a proud auntie of a new niece and nephew within the last couple months, I can confirm it). So as I’m shopping, I find Vanna’s Choice Baby on clearance and decide I love the colors and I’m going to do something with it. So I grabbed up a few balls each of blue, green, and teal to make a blanket for the above mentioned nephew who had not yet been born, and then grabbed one each of the other colors, telling myself I’d find something to do with them (maybe a granny stripe blanket).

As it turned out, I decided a granny stripe would have too many tails to weave in for my patience, so I decided on larger granny hexagons. It is a very simple hexagon, check out this tutorial.

Granny Hex

I used primarily the Vanna’s Choice Baby, including the left over greens and blues from my nephew’s blanket, with pinks and purple thrown in from my stash that have been sitting unused for a couple years, and crochet hook size USJ/6.00mm or USK/6.50mm (sorry I can’t remember which), and am currently using USK/6.50mm for the joining in white. The joining is a combination of a couple different methods I found when searching online, and I will post a follow up tutorial for that soon. I started with making up all the hexagons, and laying them out to decide what colors looked best where. I also decided to make half hexagons to fill in the sides (have not been added yet in the pic yet), which I just did by trial and error, but you will have the advantage because I will also show you how to do that soon.

I apologize for the tantalizing (I know that’s what you were thinking!) cliff-hangers for the tutorials, but I hadn’t planned on starting a blog this morning, and I have no photos ready, and I also have things that must be done today. We are celebrating Easter a week late in my family this year since the new little niece’s parents couldn’t make it into town last week, and the new little nephew was starting to make his was into this world last Sunday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! And don’t forget to check back for the resolution of those cliff-hangers!


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